Homestay tiles loose

After a guest left, I noticed a tile at my Homestay had become loose. A few weeks after that other tiles started to become loose and then ALL the tiles have loosen to the point of American ninja obstacle course.

I do not know what happened or what caused it, but I think it could be a combination of factors. One, my neighbour was doing some renovation, so the pressure from their side could have caused the tiles to loose their grip.
Two, the tiles themselves were not installed properly. Bugger!

I seem to lean on the second argument. As you can see in the picture, the cement rendering was not filled. Half pass six job as the saying here goes!

I won't name the contractor, but it was a friend who did not admit it! With that said, choose your contractors wisely, do not give the job to just any friend just because he is a friend. At the end of the day, he will not stand by you especially in this cases where to remedy the situation, he has to fork out money.

Do it right the first time. So I had to spend about 2 weeks to re-do the flooring. And in that 2 weeks I apologize to all the guest who were looking for an affordable homestay in Selayang or Gombak area, that I was unable to provide the accomodations that they needed. But being part of Selayang Homestay Network, I would still source out other homestay in the area that was part of the group.


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