Why book homestay instead of hotels?

The picture above shows the cost of a family suite at a random hotel in Kuala Lumpur. It costs about RM 340 per night for 1 family. Let's say your entourage has 2 families, now the cost just sky rocketed to RM 680 just for one night's accomodation?

But 1 homestay at RM 300 is RM 380 below your budget. You can save 380! It depends on your group. Homestays are good if you are travelling in groups. It's convenient, cheaper and more fun.

Cheaper why? You have your own washing machine, needn't waste time and money on kedai dobi. 

Homestays come equipped with stoves and fridges, so you can re-heat that scrumptious laksa or Briyani leftover from last night that still tastes good. Or cook some simple dishes for the children. Save again!

With homestays, you normally can unload all your bags right at the doorstep, no climbing mountainous staircases and squeezing thru elevators.

And for the children, there's an outdoor area within the gates that they can play about. Best time of their lives when they meet their cousins or relatives.


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