Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for booking the homestay. Please be advised that potential guests cannot proceed with booking unless these terms and conditions are agreed upon.

Terms, Condition & Methods:

Booking Deposit

1. Booking deposit is only refundable upon check-out in good manner and in the following cases:
  • Homestay is clean and without damages
  • No damages to any of the items
  • No items missing
  • Trash taken out
2. Booking is non-refundable in the following cases:
  • Cancellation / postponement from guest,
  • Homestay left messy,
  • Trash not taken out,
  • Traces of prohibited items like smell of cigarrete / cigar / or any other prohibited item's smoke smell or alcoholic beverage containers,
  • Missing or damaged items belonging to the homestay.
3. Booking deposit will be refunded 24 hours after check-out by way of online bank transfer after we have conducted checks on the state of the homestay.

1. All payments are received only via online transfer or Cash Deposit Machine deposits.
2. Please make payment 1 day before check-in date via online transfer or cash deposit into Maybank Account 162151699886 (Farihin Fong Sho Ghi).
3. We do not receive cash payment during check-ins.

Check-In & Check-Out
1. Check-ins are after 2pm and check-outs are before 12pm.
2. To check-in, once reaching the homestay please call us and we will dispatch the key to the guest or if check-in times become odd, then we will leave the key in the homestay postbox.
3. To check-out, after ensuring the cleanliness of the homestay, please leave the keys in the postbox and inform us by phone or messaging service.

1. Any form of pet animals are not allowed at the homestay.
2. Alcoholic beverages and illicit drugs are strictly prohibited within the premises.
3. Any form of illegal business is of course prohibited from the homestay premises.
4. Strictly no smoking within the homestay. Any smell of cigarette / cigar / drugs will void refund of deposit.
5. Each house is restricted to 10 persons or less staying overnight. If more please inform before booking otherwise this will constitute non-adherence to terms and conditions and deposit will be forfeited.

1. Mutiara Homestay is not responsible for any area wide water or electrical disruptions. There will be no refund in such cases beyond our control.
2. Guests are required to take care of their own safety and security of their own belongings while at the homestay.

1. Guest agrees to pay cost of any damages beyond what the deposit covers within 7 days from the check-out date.